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If you had asked any one of us - here at Echo Eight Group - where we would be in five years... Not a single one of us would have ever - in a million years - come up with this answer. Fates decided that all the work we had put into the company would be razed to the ground. We lost a few of our founding members and friends. We had to clear away the rubble and reset the studs of the company back on terra firma. But with American ingenuity and true grit we have rebuilt the company into something far stronger that the previous iterations. And we are proud of that. So we went back to our core principle, our very motto. We will stand true with our own authentic sound.

While you are checking out the new and improved Echo Eight Group webpage, check out our sister site - Mobster Poet - as well. Currently housing two phenom movie reviews and interviews with new content slated to come ASAP as well as new photo projects and interviews for next year!

With a flair for the ol' melodrama and a throwback to the gangster days of Prohibition Era the site will also house the selected works of one of our new favorite artists...  SSHHH!  That's a secret soon to come!


Hearkening back to the early days of guerrilla style journalism, The Mobster Poet is - a myriad blend of the duality that is the gentle poetic verse and brusque gangster soul - intended to be ‘out of bounds’ and ‘outside the norms’ with a sincere hope that people will see these stories, these interviews, these art projects, and these poems and essays that are showcased here and be inspired to become a better version of themselves, as this art has allowed the author to become a better animal. Maybe a bit self serving and maybe a bit altruistic, but when the leash is taken off, and the artist is free to tell the story the way they feel, what develops is something truly unique.

​Born in the upstairs bedroom / office of a rented duplex is a suspect part of town, Mobster Poet is that unique amuse-bouche of artistic flair that belies the humble origins of an ancient laptop and even older desk found on the side of the road, ready to be cast off but eagerly repurposed.

Here at The Mobster Poet author Patrik Hill shrugs off the bouds of a traditional sense of journalism and delves into the subjects and the actors he finds truly interesting; stories that are truly outside the norm and off the menu.

Echo Eight Group News & Updates

Echo Eight Group Announces 2021 Paintball Team

In a decisive shift to bring back some of the good old days, Echo Eight Group has brought a new crew in to resurrect one of the finer sports of the early 21st Century!

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Echo Eight Group Partners with Smoky Bombs 

E8G has become an official affiliate for the Smoky Bombs smoke grenade! Useful for photography, scendario paintball and airsoft play, and so much more!

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Echo Eight Group Partners with Madera Outdoor Company

So much of what E8G does is centered in the wilderness that is right outside our front doors, it seemed only natural to partner with an outdoor company dedicated to giving back to our planet!

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Echo Eight Group Announces Professional Writing Services

While the world is in a bit of turmoil and upheaval, E8G decided to extend our professional capabilities to assist others who are looking to sharpen their skills or even polish their resume.

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