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Readers and fans from all over the country have been submitting their photos of Downtown Noir and Echo Eight Group is humble and happy to be sharing these with the world! Keep sending those photos of you enjoying your copy of Downtown Noir in your favorite reading spot and we'll happily post them up!

In the last weeks of June 2016, Bozeman Magazine's Angie Ripple sat down with author Patrik to discuss his novel, Downtown Noir.


Delving into the creative processes, the history of the book, and the origination and fate of the characters that grace the pages of Downtown Noir, Patrik gives an indepth insight into what drove him to put the words on the pages and how that became the novel that is quickly gaining fan and critic reviews, alike!


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As if it wasn't enough to have your very first novel featured in the truly epic Bozeman Magazine, but to have the readers, themselves choose it as the "#1 Book Released In the Last Year" is just way too perfect! It's an honor to stand with some of the best local authors and to be shelved on the same level as the other authors... It's truly an honor and it means more than all the accolades. A writer will write a novel, usually for their own personal edification, but to have others feel that same bit of passion... It's truly a wonderful feeling.


To my fans and my friends who bestowed this award on me... I Love You All!


And now... For a taste of things to come...

Great write up on GOOD website... Have to absolutely fall head over heals with my friends and fans when they are so generous with their praise and poetic words, to boot!


In January, 2017, I was lucky enough to sit down with blogger Patrick Osborne and discuss Downtown Noir... Take a moment and read his fantastic writeup on myself and the novel... All narcacissm aside, it's very humbling to be praised by a fellow author and his words make me feel like a hit 80s song, "I'm walking on sunshine..."


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