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As Echo Eight Group continues to send authors out into the wilds of Bozeman, and beyond, we'll add listings of those events and venues here.

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Patrik Hill

Echo Eight Group is proud to introduce author Patrik Hill. His first novel, Downtown Noir, is hitting on all cylinders with readers of all backgrounds.


The novel's conversational tone and realistic story tones draw from modern day crime and blend a veritable modern day horror show set against the notable backdrop of Bozeman, Mont.


Echo Eight Group is proud to honor him as our 2015 Author of the Year. He is also a finalist in the Grand Highland Awards for his work in Crime Fiction.


A Evening At the Element

On the evening of 23 Sept 16, Echo Eight Group's author Patrik Hill spent an evening at the extraordinary downtown venue of The Element Hotel.


Ever looking to expand the promotional base for Downtown Noir, and to introduce this fantastic novel with new audiences, Echo Eight Group dispatched Patrik to such a perfect downtown venue, and accompanied by photog extraordinaire - known as Mr. Boehm - E8G is proud to display and showcase the most wickedly wonderful works produced for Downtown Noir!


Here is a small smattering of the fantastic images produced, with more to come!

Further Adventures Downtown

All photos are copyright 2016 and used with permssion of photographer, Mr. Boehm.

Click either of the photos above for directions to our friends at The Element!

One month after the photo shoot at the Element Hotel, people have been asking the E8G crew, "What is it about Downtown Bozeman that makes author Patrik Hill so creative?"


Patrik, always eager for another adventure, was once again dispatched to Downtown, this time with photographer Kira Paul, to explore a small section of the landscape that became the mental playground and canvas for the novel Downtown Noir.


Says Patrik, "I have always wanted to show the gritty underbelly of a beautifully picturesque town, and now I can once again be in front of the lens. Since so many of the characters are a part of me, I feel as if I belong in these scenes that are created."


When asked what it was like to work with another photographer, Patrik offered, "Working with Mr. Boehm was a true joy because he was able to catch the serious and hardcore tone of the author side of me. Kira was another joy to work with because with her unique eye she was able to capture the playful, dangerous side of the author persona. Both photographers capture the dichotomy of the author personality and ultimately the characters that were created within the pages of Downtown Noir. There is the serious and familiar side, as well as the playful and dangerous side. These images represent the lives that are explored inside the covers."

Images copyright 2016, and are used with permission of photographer Kira Paul.

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